When it comes to dealing with thick hair, choosing the right product can make or break your style. If you’re anything like me, your thick hair can be frustratingly hard to deal with but we are here to help tackle this age old dilemma. It may be a lot to take on board at first, but all these tips are here to help up your hair game and make life easier in the long run.

Thick hair needs to be cared for properly.
Too many men still don’t stick to a proper shampoo and conditioning routine but this is key to help keep your hair and scalp clean and moisturised, helping hair to appear healthier. A proper shampoo and conditioning routine will give your hair a noticeably healthier look and keep it easy to manage.

Now your hair is clean and maintained correctly, it’s time to style.
If your hair is frizzy or wavy then an appropriate pre-styler is key, and there are a number of Black Label products that will make a huge difference to styling your hair. Black Label ShapePaste should be applied to towel dry hair before blow drying to lock in style with ease. Black Label Black Mist Pre Styling Spray should be sprayed liberally onto damp or towel dry hair and blow dry into place for unrivalled volume and texture.
Now to complete your style, Black Label CraftClay is perfect to complete your look once blow dried for a style that can handle even the busiest of work schedules, but how much product should you use?
With thick hair it’s always important to remember to build up your style gradually but be aware you may need to use a decent amount of product. Start with a fingernail sized amount of your favourite Black Label product and emulsify between the palms, the heat produced will activate the key ingredients within. Now work this from root to tip, working through your hair ensuring you have even distribution, remember you can always add more product if needed, we cannot stress this enough!
Work hair into desired style using a brush and blow dryer to secure this in place, this may take a few minutes dependant on the thickness of your hair but be patient. Black Label ShapePaste contains Mirustyle X-HP to coat and protect hair fibres from heat up to 250 degrees, perfect for a pre-styler. Complete the look with a small pea sized amount of any Black Label product and run through your hair.

There you have it, your daily routine to deal with thick, unruly hair and to recreate your desired hair style with ease and consistency. Remember, this won’t happen overnight so it’s important to commit to this, if you need any further advice then don’t hesitate to leave a comment below or reach out to us directly!

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  • martha briant

    please recommend a product for thin,fine medium length (all one length)

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