Hate him or love him, there aren’t many men or women on the planet that could deny that David Beckham is a style icon in every sense of the word. So much so, that his many hairstyles over the years have caused men’s hair trends to be set globally (even when they probably shouldn’t have been – we can all recall those bleached cornrows of 2003? Even with Becks having celebrated his 41st birthday earlier this year, he’s still a champion of self-expression and frequently changes his do’ and, every time he does, barbers across the globe are inundated with requests to emulate this. His latest hairstyle has definitely caused a stir once again, and we’re sure it’s not long before everyone is running for the Black Label CraftClay, so we decided to help with recreating the style for yourself. Here we have put together an overview of how he’s achieved his new look and, most importantly, how you can too:

The Best Products to achieve this look are:

Black Label ShapePaste – for thicker hair

Black Label CraftClay – for thinner hair


The way the style is cut is essentially a modern take on a classic undercut, which disconnects from the shorter back and sides, and the longer top section that has been grown out. There is a much softer dimension to his new style though, as it looks to have been scissor cut rather than shaven in, meaning his hair is much more textured than traditional undercuts. The top has been grown out and has been slightly swept back by styling, but this is not in a harsh contrast like the usual undercut style.


David Beckham’s look is relatively natural and ‘unkempt’, rather than being too overly styled. Whilst product has obviously been used, it has been done more so to add texture and hold rather than to look too sleek, perfectly achieved by using Black Label CraftClay. The style he has chosen is relatively low maintenance compared to many of the ones we’ve seen from him in the past.


This hairstyle can be achieved with almost any hair type, but is probably best suited to thicker hair that is straight or has only a slight wave to it, where this style can be achieved using Black Label ShapePaste. Extremely curly hair is unlikely to get the exact results, but you could achieve a variation of this style depending on how curly it is, and fine hair may not hold the style as well, although it’s definitely worth a try using Black Label CraftClay for a firmer hold.


When your hair is towel dry but still damp, blow dry it using a round, vented brush, concentrating on brushing the front back towards the crown. When it’s dry, spread a small amount of ShapePaste between both hands and emulsify between your palms before running your hands and fingers through the top section from root to tip to give the style hold. No need to go back through with a brush or comb as the finish on this style is natural so you want it to be textured rather than too polished. If there are sections that are slightly uneven then that’s even better, somewhere between styled and ‘straight out of bed’.


Black Label ShapePaste – for thicker hair

Black Label CraftClay – for thinner hair

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