How to work from home

1. Get started early.

I know that an extra hour in bed might seem needed but the best way to get things done is to dive right in as soon as you wake up. Try to stick to your regular routine.

2. Pretend like you are going to the office.

There’s a direct link between work and your office that can make you more productive, so when working from home, do all the things you would normally do before heading out to the office. Set your alarm, drink coffee, get dressed and style that overgrown head of hair 🙄. I might be a bit bias with this one, but when you look good, you feel good and this reflects in your work. Psst by the way – our 20% off everything is still live here

3. Stick to the office day structure.

As mentioned above, stick to your regular routine. It can be easy to get burnt out or lose focus without meetings to break up your day. Try to plan what you will do and when over the course of each day. I personally use this app on the Appstore to help plan my day's, make sure you also put in the time for chilling out, watching Netflix and scrolling through Instagram. Apple version Android version

4. Choose a dedicated workspace.

Clear the pile of clothes and clutter, the ones you’ve been telling yourself you will move since they were put there, from your home desk and chair. Working from somewhere dedicated to work will ensure you get into the right frame of mind.

5. Use technology to stay connected.

Instant messaging and videoconferencing can make it easy to stay in touch with coworkers and work commitments. Three great tools we recommend for staying in touch with your colleagues are:

1. Zoom (Video Calling) - Free plan available.

2. Get Busy (Email on roids) - Free plan available.

3. Workplace by Facebook (Share files and chat with team members) - Easy to use if you have a Facebook account. - Free plan available.

6. Give yourself a break, you’ve earnt it.

It can be very easy to get so distracted that you avoid breaks altogether. Don’t feel guilty for working in the same place you sleep in, use breaks to get some time away from your desk. Set dedicated times to eat and get away from sitting at the same desk all day.

7. Pick a time to finish each day.

Set an alarm to mark the end of your day. You don’t have to stop at that exact time, but its good to know when the workday is officially over to stop yourself getting too caught up.

8. Don’t work in silence.

Most offices are a bustling hive of activity, there’s always something going on. Keep some music on or background tv, you can even match your choice of background noise to the task at hand. Do you have Spotify? Check out this playlist and tell me you don't get more work done 😅

9. Save the hardest task for when you’re at your most productive.

This one seems self-explanatory, but it's my most important tip, quite simply, use slower points of the day to knock out the easier tasks leaving your productive periods to tackle the tougher stuff.

10. Make the most of it!

Without distractions and the fact you can't go out of your house anyway, double down on your work and get as much done as you can. Use the time to smash your goals, learn something new or start a business. Remember to stay safe and bring on the day we can get back to normal! 

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