We’re only two months into 2018 and men around the globe are already looking forward to learning what styles will be crowned the best hair trends of 2018. Whilst no one can give you a definitive answer, we’ve put our heads together to work up a list of four of the best hair trends for men in 2018. You’ve come to the right place to get ahead of the trends this year.


Short, textured hairstyles were big throughout 2017 and will continue into 2018, with tapered haircuts, which gained traction in the latter half of 2017, continuing to gain popularity for all hair lengths this year.


But we all know, choosing the right trend depends on your hair type and facial shape as well as how dedicated you are to styling your hair, with some hairstyles outlined below requiring less upkeep than others. We will let you know exactly what to ask for at your local barbershop to achieve each look and how to style the desired look at home. So lets get started.


Cropped Blunt Fringe


Source: Charlie Gray

Being one of the most versatile hairstyles, we thought we would start things off with the cropped blunt fringe. Sometimes referred to as the French crop, this fresh, modern style is perfect for the fashion conscious as well as those who require a style with minimal upkeep required.


To achieve this style you need to let your trusted barber know exactly what you want. Keep the sides tight and faded with a loose texture on top (this is vital). Make sure you emphasize the need for a blunt fringe that is to be worn forward as the fringe is the focal point of this cut.


Now you’ve got the cut, you need to know how to style this on a daily basis. Once your hair has been washed and towel dried, apply ShapePaste to damp hair and blow dry forward, making sure to use the nozzle of the hairdryer for maximum control. Now the hair is in shape, finish with a sprinkle of DarkMatter volume powder or a small amount of CraftClay to add further texture and hold.

Watch how it's done:


Slick Back


Source: Tom Baxter

The modern slick back has come along way since the wet look styling of the 70’s (think John Travolta as Danny Zuko in Grease). This hairstyle is suitable for all hairtypes and can be worn smart or casual however mid length hair is needed to really pull off this look.


Simply ask your barber to keep the hair long enough to be pushed behind the ears with enough weight at the neckline to hold the style in place, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered if you need extra hold.


To style, blow dry all the hair back with a wide toothed comb to achieve the line effect or simply use a brush for a more natural finish. Once the style is achieved, take a small amount of ShapePaste and apply to set the style in place and add texture to your finished style.


Classic Parting


Source: Pinterest

Whilst this hairstyle is good for most hairtypes, especially finer hair (although those of us with curly hair will need to apply more product), we must stress that this style is more suited for stronger hairlines and those with longer hair on top allowing your hair to fall back better.


Ask your barber for a strictly scissored cut, starting with a classic short back and sides whilst accentuating the side parting and keeping the cut clean around the ears. The top should be left longer and styled into a quiff or away from the parting.


To style, start by applying ShapePaste or BlackMist to towel dry hair. Whilst blowdrying drag the hair back and away from the parting with a wide tooth comb or brush. Smooth the back and sides and add CraftClay or ShapePaste for a matte finish.


Textured Quiff


Source: Tom Baxter

This style is extremely versatile so if this style catches your eye, give it a try. Its suitable for all hair types and especially works well for curly hair as this adds another dimension to this textured style. The beauty of this style is that it can be as textured or as uniform as you like, so don’t hesitate to experiment with different finishes and lengths.


Simply ask your barber for the usual quiff style haircut but explain that this will be worn looser than a usual quiff. Your barber should cut into the length of the hair to remove some weight and add that much needed texture. The sides are completely up to you; keep the hair long on top and a tight fade on the sides for stark contrast or leave a little length in the sides and ask your barber to taper the sideburns and neckline for a more formal, classy style.


To achieve this style, begin by applying BlackMist to towel dry hair and blow dry from root to tip to get the foundations and set the shape. Warm some ShapePaste (or CraftClay if a stronger hold is needed) between the palms and run your fingers through from front to back to add vital texture.

Watch how it's done:


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