What are they? Pre-Stylers

By now you have probably read our previous article about the products we offer here at Black Label Grooming , as well as how best to utilise each product, but now we are going to throw the spotlight on Pre-Stylers.

Like its name says, Pre-stylers are used before styling, cast your mind to builders ensuring the correct foundations are laid before the building commences, this is exactly how you should treat your hair. For fine, lifeless hair, pre-stylers can add volume, texture and life to your hair, or if you have naturally curly or frizzy hair, then a pre-styler can help to tame those unruly hair. No matter the type of hair, there is a pre-styler out there for everyone!


Volumising Powder (DarkMatter)

DarkMatter volumizing powder is best used for those of us with thin or finer hair, DarkMatter binds at the root helping to thicken individual hair strands allowing the hair to be set, ready for styling. Assisting with creating instant volume with a natural light hold, DarkMatter also actively increases the health of your hair by drawing out excess oils and dirt.

Best added to the arsenal of those with hairstyles requiring ample texture such as the crop cut or textured quiff/side part. Simply spray a few pumps directly to the roots of dry hair and style into place. DarkMatter will actively assist in holding your hair in place all day, meaning your chosen finishing product (see CraftClay, ShapePaste and ProfilePutty) can do its job more effectively.


Pre-Styling Sea Salt Spray (BlackMist)

BlackMist pre-styling spray is formulated to act similarly to other sea salt sprays, but with an added fixative. This means BlackMist, unlike traditional sea salt sprays, can be used by those of us with thin and fine hair, as well as those with thick, hard to manage hair. Delivered through a fine mist spray, BlackMist provides texture with a natural finish whilst boosting your hair’s natural qualities unlike cheap imitations.

Best utilised for those seeking out massive volume and texture. BlackMist can be effectively used for most popular hairstyles, adding much needed life and texture to otherwise limp and lifeless hair and adding texture and natural waves to those with longer hair. It performs most effectively when sprayed directly onto towel dry but still damp hair and blow dried into place. Finish with one of our best selling finishing products (CraftClay, ShapePaste or ProfilePutty)



Now you know what each pre-styler does in further detail, as well as which hair type and hairstyle is best for each. We already know who’s going to be looking the best at this year works Christmas do! (And if you're stuck on a present idea for this Christmas - look no further than our NEW Matte Pack 3.0)

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  • Sylvain Poisson

    What are the components of your products please? Are they 100% natural ?
    Thank you!

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