Trying to find the perfect hair product can be a daunting and overwhelming task, figuring out what each one is and what it does best. What’s the difference between a putty and a clay? How do I best use a paste? Which one is for me? Well we are here to clear up a few commonly asked questions and put you on the right path to the perfect hairstyle.

Black Label offer ShapePasteCraftClayPre-Styling Spray and Volume Powder, so we’re going to start with these.


There isn’t really a clear definition of ‘hair paste’ but they all have similarities when it comes to the look and feel of them. Hair styling pastes typically have a consistency ranging from a thick paste to a tacky glue with a medium to very firm hold. Most products out there offer a matte finish or a very slight shine to the hair and, being the most versatile styling product, paste works with virtually any hairstyle. Be it a textured quiff, crop cut or modern pompadour and because they’re water based they also wash out super easy.

Paste should be warmed between the fingers or palms and worked through your hair, ensuring even distribution as, once applied, the paste will cool and re-thicken, locking your desired style into place. Black Label’s ShapePaste works well applied pre-blow dry, locking in volume and added much needed texture for a firm hold and matte finish. You really can’t go wrong with a paste, an excellent first step away from ‘traditional gels’ (we all know a friend still rocking the wet look spikes of the nineties and early noughties).



All clay products have one thing in common, you guessed it, they all contain a clay ingredient in their formulations and, because of this, they can range from very thick to a very creamy consistency. One of the more premium ingredients is Bentonite, a completely natural but rare volcanic ash. Bentonite is very fine and makes hair feel thicker by adding body and volume to the individual hair strands, providing a hold and texture that will last through the day. Allowing natural oils to reside whilst drawing out impurities. In a nutshell, it’s packed full of minerals and nutrients, promoting hair growth by naturally healing and nourishing the hair and scalp. All beneficial for a thick, healthy head of hair and those of us with sensitive skin or unruly curly and frizzy hair.

Clay has a smooth but firm texture so ensure, before applying, that the product is heated thoroughly between the palms to provide easy distribution through even the thickest of hair, creating texture and hold without leaving any of that thick residue that some clays will. Heating the product will also activate the key ingredients within the product itself and ensuring an easy application. Black Label CraftClay can be used as a pre-styler before blow drying, simply spread through towel dry hair and blow dry into desired shape. Or use CraftClay as a finishing product to perfectly complete styles with ample volume, hold and an ULTIMATE matte finish, without making your hair feel heavy.



Pre-Styling Spray (Black Mist):

Think back to those summer holidays where your hair seems to adopt a new found texture and volume, this is due to Sea Salt which draws out the hairs excess oils and grease whilst leaving behind valuable minerals and nutrients. It was only a matter of time until a salon quality product was derived utilising this. Pre-styling spray contains sea salt as the active ingredient, delivered through a fine mist spray that provides a textured, natural finish whilst working with your hair’s natural qualities. Cheap imitations lean towards watered-down gel which leaves hair stiff and clumpy, compared to a quality sea salt spray which leaves a matte, textured finish.

This fine mist makes thin hair appear thicker and provides the ideal base for most hairstyles. Gone are the days of hair flattening or losing shape through the day. Those of you with thicker hair can take volume to new heights using Black Mist Pre-Styling spray and a good blow-dry, adding better hold to the hair strands. Simply spray generously to damp hair for a much needed boost or to dry hair for volume with a matte finish. Can be worked through by hand for a natural finish or with a comb for sharper lines and contrast. This is one that should be making a home in everyone’s bathroom!


Volume Powder (Dark Matter):

Now here is one that most people don’t even know exists but can be a lifesaver for those with flat, lifeless hair. Volume powder creates instant volume and a natural light hold. Used primarily as a pre-styler, to be applied after blow drying, but always before finishing with any quality Black Label product. Made up of rough particles that bond to your individual hair strands and draws out excess oils to create instant volume and healthier looking hair.

To apply, simply separate the hair so the roots are visible and sprinkle directly to the roots, using your hands to ensure the powder is distributed evenly and absorbed into the hair for that highly sought after texture and volume, leaving hair with a firm natural looking hold.


Hopefully you’ve learnt a few things about achieving the perfect hair style dependant on your hair type and what products to use. There is always a lot to consider but now I hope you are better equipped to make a better judgement. If there is anything else you are unsure about feel free to reach out to us or leave a comment in the section below. We are happy to help!