Why we started?

We Believe
...in keeping things simple. We knew finding the right hair products didn't need to be so complicated. Purchasing countless variations of what seems to be the same product just doesn't seem right. So we set out on our mission to simplify the morning routine for ourselves and our customers. With our small core range of products, carefully formulated to suit any and all hair types, we created Black Label; the go to destination for the very best in quality hair products without the hassle.
Never Be Without Your Products
With our busy schedules, both working and social, finding time to ensure your bathroom is always stocked with your styling essentials can be difficult. And so we invented StyleScheme. We knew we had the right products, the right brand and the right people, so solving this age old problem was the next logical step.
A Message From Our Owners
Our founders, Nathan & Matthew, created Black Label as they were tired of constantly pursuing the perfect product. So one day, whilst chatting at the local barbershop, they thought "Why not make the perfect product ourselves?". And so they set out to do just that.
 Our Factories
We have partnered with the very best, reputable and certified supplier right here in the heart of the UK. Working closely with external formulation houses, the core range of products were designed carefully and thoroughly to ensure only the best quality. 
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