Terms Of Service TBYB

Try Before You Buy Offer

Updated: 03/05/2019

Your card will only be charged if you decide to keep the product(s). If you return the product(s) within the agreed 10 day trial period you will not be charged anymore than the initial postage fee. All return postage is free.

By submitting your order you are authorising an electronic debit from your bank account, you are legally bound to the following terms:

You the customer, acknowledge that you authorise us (Black Label Grooming Holdings Ltd) to electronically debit your account if you do not register your return within 10 days from date of order:

I acknowledge that remaining total excluding the initial postage charge will be debited from my account.

I acknowledge that the credit card(s) or payment method(s) I am using to make this purchase will be active, valid and have sufficient funds available during the entire term of the trial period. If for any reason my payment is declined, I will provide an alternative, valid payment method.

I understand that I am legally bound to these terms and required by law to make all payments on the agreed-upon payment dates.