As some of you might be aware we have upgraded to a brand new warehouse and we are currently in the process of moving to our new HQ, All old stock we are no longer planning on selling is heavily discounted below. It's a great chance to purchase at a huge discount. Limited stock is available, be quick and grab a bargain.


To make way for our new shaver, The Shave Pro we are selling off all old stock of the original Shave Kit 1.0. Great chance to own our first version of our full body manscaping shaver.

Key Features:

Skin Safe Ceramic Blade

Fully Waterproof

Wireless USB charging

Perfect for below the belt grooming.

Original RRP: £70

ONLY £25

Vegan leather 

washbag v1

This was our first ever gift bag we released. It's size is perfect for travel ( not that we can go anywhere at the moment! ) Also looks great in the bathroom to hide away all your grooming products.

Key Features:

Two compartments

Carry Handle


Original RRP: £30

ONLY £18


Our latest gift bag release. This has two extra large compartments and is more rigid than the original.

Key Features:

Two compartments

Carry handle

Black chrome details

Original RRP: £40

ONLY £19


Great way to try our 3 stylers. This is the left over from a run we produced a few months ago hence why the products are unbranded.

Key Features:

x 1 Shape Paste

x 1 Craft Clay

x1 Profile Putty

*Please note these have not been labeled.

Original RRP: £-

ONLY £6.25

UNBRANDED Black mist

Initially destined for a barber trade show but due to covid these have been cancelled. This is the exact same product as the original Black Mist however it is in an unbranded gloss bottle

Key Features:

x Thickening Pre Styler 

x Heat Protection

x 250ML

*Please note these have not been labeled.

Original RRP: £15

ONLY £10

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